We are here to illustrate the normalcy of breastfeeding, one masterpiece at a time.
Every nursing mom and baby of today is an inheritor of a vast reservoir of wisdom that has been passed down through the generations since the beginning of human history. Some of that wisdom is instinctual -- mapped into our DNA. Some of that wisdom is cultural -- we learn from what we see happening (or not happening) around us, and what our communities encourage (and discourage).
A culture that embraces and supports breastfeeding is a culture that understands this lineage.
In the not-so-distant past -- the past of our grandmothers and their grandmothers and theirs -- women breastfed as a matter of course. In those days, breastfeeding was portrayed in art as a celebrated symbol of fertility, charity, and abundance. Mother-baby dyads tenderly nursing adorned the most holy altarpieces and shrines. Early photographers captured something of the mundane every-day-ness of breastfeeding in stiffly-posed tin-types of Victorian mothers. And painters and sculptors of all eras have been drawn to portraying the powerful energy that breastfeeding mothers and babies exude. Today we see a resurgence of candid depictions of breastfeeding in fine art and popular culture, as many artists begin to explore the honest struggles, pains, ambivalence, and joys that can be characteristic of breastfeeding in our own time.
Our team has assembled some of the best examples of this art, for you to enjoy, collect, and gift, that we might continue to be reawakened to that which is already within us and around us.
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